Welcome to the Olde Oaks & Waterford Park Community

Welcome to the Olde Oaks & Waterford Park Community

Welcome to the Olde Oaks & Waterford Park CommunityWelcome to the Olde Oaks & Waterford Park CommunityWelcome to the Olde Oaks & Waterford Park Community

Welcome Home!


Welcome Home!

Welcome to the website of the Olde Oaks Community Improvement Association (OOCIA) in the beautiful community of Olde Oaks & Waterford Park. The OOCIA represents the interests of over 1550 homeowners in this Northwest Houston neighborhood.

The Board Members of the OOCIA have created this website for current and prospective community residents.  You can find everything you need to know about our neighborhood, as well as our local community. Please take time to look around this site for guidance with the rules and restrictions, architectural guidelines and request forms, committee information, community events, links of local interest, and more.

The Board of Directors are elected by the homeowners and manage the daily affairs of the Association with the assistance of our management company, Crest Management, AAMC (Crest). Crest manages the operations and legal affairs of the association. Crest Management's staff are trained to respond to questions from association members and can be directly contacted via email or via phone at (281) 579-0761.

The Board anticipates that you will love our beautiful community as much as we do and we invite you to be involved - whether it be simply attending the monthly meetings, being a part of the Board or Committees, or with our community interest groups.

CommisSioner's e-corner


February 2020



When I envision the future of our great precinct, I see communities connected by trails, waterways, and greenspaces that provide recreational opportunities and reduce flood risk, protect lives and property. Achieving that goal now requires the Harris County Flood Control District to buy the Raveneaux Country Club in Champion Forest. 

This country club served as a beloved amenity over the past 40 years. However, two years ago, this amenity garnered attention as a potential site for a private, multi-family housing facility. Now, with the funds available from our flood bond, HCFCD has the opportunity to preserve the space from development and, in cooperation with Precinct 4, create a beautiful space that will provide massive relief from flooding along the Cypress Creek corridor. 

HCFCD estimates the project could reduce flood risk for more than 1,000 homes. If the project moves forward, the Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Department will commit to partnering with HCFCD to ensure the property not only protects us through the tough times but also serves as a beautiful park space that everyone may enjoy in sunny times. I encourage you to learn more about this important issue in the article below. Read about how the project may benefit the area and HCFCD’s next steps.

This issue also contains information about temporary trail closures at Collins Park, a mobile health village coming to Mangum-Howell Center, and much more.

As a reminder, you can access past issues of Commissioner's E-Corner on the Precinct 4 website.  Visit Precinct 4 online to learn more about our road projects and upcoming events available through our community centers, parks department, and Senior Adult Program.  


How To Get In Touch With Us

HOA meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

We love our neighbors & our community.    

As each of us are an HOA member, 

it is important to understand that committees

are an integral part of the operations of our community.

Committee members help keep a community vibrant.  

Come introduce yourself. We can't wait to meet you!

Open (Member) Session begins at 6:45pm

Executive (Board) Session Begins at 5:45pm

Meeting Location:

Oak Creek Village Clubhouse

3906 Gladeridge Dr

Houston TX  77068

A big THANK YOU to OCV HOA for lending their clubhouse to us. 

Olde Oaks & Waterford Park (OOCIA)

Olde Oaks, Texas, United States

Contact Crest Management @ 281.945.4632

Questions? just Drop us a line!


Website Information

If you would like content added or see any needed corrections to the OOCIA.org website, please contact Webmaster@OOCIA.org.

Volunteers are always necessary and  enthusiastically needed. 

The Board of Directors are five homeowners helping over 1550 homesteads.

We need your help!

To find out how you can help our community, even if only for one day a year,

click on the link below to see the volunteer vacancies and opportunities available for you.

Help us to help everyone to keep our c build a beautiful, strong, and safe community today!