Utility & Contract Services

On this page you will find information needed to begin services 

for your water and electric, as well as learn about the contracted services

for security, pest control, and trash & recycling for OOCIA homeowners. 

Trash/Recycling, Pest Control, & Security Patrol Officers

are included in your annual HOA Dues & Fees Statement.

Electric & Gas Service Companies - How Do I Choose?


Per CenterPoint: 

  1. Choose a Retail Electric Provider (a distributor of the electricity by CenterPoint).
    Some sites offering Retail Electricity options (there are more):
  2. Contact the Retail Electric Provider.
  3. What's Next? The retail electric provider will send the start service order to CenterPoint Energy.
  4. The start service order is received by CenterPoint Energy and your lights turn on!

Make sure to read all the options and fees included in each company offering to insure you are getting the lowest rate available.


CenterPoint Energy 713.659.2111


(713) 659-2111 Gas Leaks (Centerpoint)

(713) 207-2222 Power Outages (Centerpoint)

(800) 332-7143 Street Light Outages* (Centerpoint)

*Provide pole number, street and immediate side street(s)

MUD (Water) Districts

MUDs are responsible for providing water and sewer services to specified sections of the community.

 MUDs are responsible for providing water and sewer services to specified sections of the community. The community is comprised of 3 MUDs. To confirm the MUD assigned to your address, please contact Crest Management

MUD #20 | Waterford Park, Section 3 & 4

Contact Number:  832.467.1599

MUD #44 | Section 1 & 6

 Contact Number:  281.376.8802

Bammel Utility District | Section 2

 Contact Number:  281.376.8802

Sectional Map and Dedicated Links

OOCIA Sectional Map

OOCIA consists of two named communities: Olde Oaks and Waterford Park.

Within the Olde Oaks area there are 5 distinct sections: 

Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

Within the Waterford Park area, there are 2 shown sections, (governing documents are the same for both):

Sections 1 and 2

>> Click on Image to Enlarge <<

Governing Documents

Each section has its own set of Deed Restrictions and Guidelines. Please click on the link to view your individual governing documents and Architectural Guidelines.

Trash and Recycling

Texas Pride Logo

Texas Pride Disposal: 281.342.8178

Click Here to go to Texas Pride Website (for additional information)

Click Here to order a Recycling Container

Click Here to Report any Service Issues

If you are new to Olde Oaks & Waterford Park - Welcome!

Hopefully the previous owner left the recycling container for you, if not just click the link above to have Texas Pride deliver one to you. 

You will need to purchase a garbage container, as those are not provided.

Garbage is picked up each Tuesday and Friday. Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays only. TWO heavy items may be collected EVERY service day (see additional information below). Have waste and recycling ready for collection no later than 6:00am.

GARBAGE Backdoor Service: All household waste is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please place near the garage or side-yard gate in resident-owned (not supplied) cans or bags. Cans or bags cannot exceed 50 pounds.

RECYCLE Curbside Pickup: One container is provided to every homeowner. Please contact Texas Pride to begin service. Please click the link below to see what is and is not acceptable recyclable materials. 


  • Place grass clippings in cans or bags under 50 pounds
  • Branches should be placed in CLEAR, INDIVIDUAL piles measuring no larger than 3' x 3' x 3', or tied and bundled and under 50 pounds.  Limit eight bundles per service day.  

Heavy Trash Items

Two heavy items collected EVERY service day.
Heavy trash/bulk waste includes waste that is not generated on a regular basis, including:

  • Furniture (couch, table, mattress, box spring, desk, dresser, etc.)
  • Appliances (washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Fencing/Decking/Siding (please remove nails, cut into lengths 4' or less, and tie and bundle under 50 pounds, limit eight bundles per service day)
  • Trampolines (broken down, please place metal with recycling if possible)
  • Basketball goals (broken down into sections 4' or shorter, no concrete in base or poles)
  • Carpeting/Flooring (please cut into lengths 4' or shorter and tie and bundle under 50 pounds, limit eight bundles per service day)

Excess Volume

 If you have a larger than usual amount of household waste, bulk waste, or yard waste, contact us in advance and we can provide you with a quote for disposal or direct you to resources that can properly assist your disposal needs. 

Holiday Schedule

Texas Pride observes four holidays and when a holiday falls on Tuesday scheduled recycling pick-up date then be aware that it won't occur until the NEXT regular pick-up date.

  • New Year's Day
  • Independence Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Household Hazardous Waste

If trying to dispose of hard-to-handle items such as fuels, oils, and chemicals independently, contact your county hazardous waste facility:

  • Harris County - (281) 560-6230 - 6900 Hahl Rd., Houston, TX 77040

Mosquito Spraying Program


Cypress Creek Pest Control

The Harris County Mosquito Control District was created to control mosquitoes such as the Culex that spread malaria, encephalitis, and Dengue fever and now the new threat of West Nile and Zika Virus. The Harris County Mosquito Control District's mission is to help you control pest mosquitoes that disrupt the nighttime and outdoor activities of people in the Houston area.

Cypress Creek Pest Control's fogging and Larvaciding programs are designed to CONTROL pest mosquitoes. In no way can any mosquito program totally eliminate mosquitoes. A mosquito control program can only keep the mosquito population in a specific area at an acceptable level. The board of OOCIA has contracted with Cypress Creek Pest Control to provide mosquito spraying at least weekly (frequency varies per contract season).

Cypress Creek Pest Control is the largest private Mosquito Control operator in Texas and is an active member of the Texas Mosquito Control Association and other industry organizations. For more information about Cypress Creek's Mosquito Control, please call 281.469.2679 and ask to speak with a Customer Service Representative.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

The most important part of the suggestions from Good Housekeeping is #1. Please help do your part as a neighbor and don't provide breeding grounds for these pesky pests! To read more helpful ways to make your outdoor life experience better, click on the GoodHousekeeping link below.

From: GoodHousekeeping 

#1 Get rid of stagnant water.

Make sure there's no standing water anywhere — on toys left out on the lawn, plates under your flowerpots or garbage in an open can. Ponds, kiddie pools and improperly drained yards can also attract mosquitoes.

"Something as small as a bottle cap can be a breeding spot for mosquitoes," says Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist for the National Pest Management Association. "The good thing is that they can't fly very far, so if you can eliminate breeding spots on your property, you can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes near your house."

To avoid a catastrophe at your next picnic, do your best to drain any standing water in the yard, empty kiddie pools or buckets and keep your guests away from ponds or other permanent fresh water sources. One watery area you
 don't have to worry about, though, is your swimming pool — as long as it's chlorinated and the filter is working, mosquitoes will buzz right on by.

HCSO Deputy Patrol and Community Safety Program


Who To Contact If You See Suspicious Activity

Whenever you have information about suspicious or criminal activity and report it to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, it is helpful and contributes to the safety and betterment of your community. These reports are available between law enforcement as communication to fortify their efforts to stop crime. In Olde Oaks and Waterford Park, we have HCSO deputies who patrol our neighborhood, and they encourage you to call in your information to the numbers listed below. Anonymity is available. It is more effective to call immediately while it is occurring. Please still call if it has already happened. 

If this is an emergency, PLEASE DIAL 9-1-1 immediately!
If this is a non-emergency, please contact HCSO by dialing (713) 221-6000.

To request a Contract Deputy to contact you, call the non-emergency/information number above.

To view the most recent crime stats gathered by our patrol related to our community, please click here.

To report road hazards, street sign & light issues, bridges, or flooding:
Harris County Precinct 4     www.hcp4.net

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm     (281) 353-8424

After hours, weekends, or holidays (713) 755-5000

For information about registered sex offenders: www.familywatchdog.us

VACATION WATCH PROGRAM: A Vacation Watch is a service provided by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for citizens residing in the unincorporated areas of Harris County. Citizens may request a Vacation Watch by clicking on the following link and completing the on-line form. 

Website Information

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